Just Ok BBQ in Yaletown

DIX Barbecue & Brewery
871 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6Z‎ – (604) 682-2739


In Yaletown this ‎Mircobrewery is a part of the Mark James Group of restaurants and you’ll realize it the moment you walk in the door.  The feeling there is very similar to the Yaletown Brewing Co.  Open space, big wooden tables, and rustic/casual décor.  When I went on a Friday afternoon for lunch the place was dead quiet.  But I was craving BBQ and figured if I could find good BBQ near me that’d be awesome.  However, I’m not giving it an awesome, instead I’ll give it a Just Ok (I think that is my first Just Ok in a long time).  I had the beef rib sandwich, which was good, but not great.  The meat was quite good, although a touch too much smokiness (it is a delicate balance perfected by few).  The mayo on the sandwich was the best part, and I don’t think the dill pickle was a good flavor match.  The soup with corn and chicken was only so-so, and the corn was definitely frozen, but I’m actually thinking maybe the soup had been frozen too.  The okra in the soup was flavorless and quite mushy…okra should not be mushy…or rather doesn’t taste good mushy.  I’ll keep looking for my BBQ joint in Vancouver, and I would maybe suggest going here if you have a really big rowdy crowd.

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“A country that dares to dream. That dares to act”

Bluewater Café & Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


To celebrate our wildly successful half marathon we had dinner at the Bluewater Café. But overall I’d say it was solid, but not Great.  I’ve been before and found my main fish to be amazing, this time was no exception. But that experience wasn’t shared for every course or around the table unanimously. The appetizer I had was sushi, and it was just so so, as was the Qualicom scallop foam appetizer, and the artic char that were ordered. The service was good, the carrot cake dessert was amazing, and the wine selection was excellent. We went with a delicious bottle of chardonnay from Grgich Hills. The big open restaurant is well lit and they have a beautiful collection of decanters decorating the restaurant. The tables are well spaced and organized so you feel as though you have enough privacy even when the restaurant is packed. But for the price point I’d rather choose Coast, West, or the aforementioned Cioppino’s. Bluewater is probably worth a Very Good but given the price point it is getting a Very Ok.

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Race weekend…carbing up for prospect point!

Cioppino’s Mediterranean Grill & Enoteca
1129/1133 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

When I left a message for a reservation at award winning Cioppino’s I was surprised when the chef himself called back, and even more surprised when eating there we saw him several times throughout the dinner. This personal touch makes you feel as though you are a special guest in Pino’s kitchen, rather than a patron in his restaurant. We were seated in the wine room which had such a great ambiance, but unfortunately with our race the next day we weren’t able to indulge. Instead we focused our efforts on the food. OO had the risotto seafood special, LA…with the braised wild boar shoulder, and LA!! with the “Scalopine ai funghi”…OO…LA…LA!! We all shared the potato gnocchi, which was the best gnocchi I’ve ever had…it was divine. Our appetizers were also delicious with the warm goat cheese salad taking the prize. My veal was good, but not great, however based on the combined pleasure around the table we are giving Cioppino’s a “Great” and a “We’d like to come back when we can have a bottle or two of wine!”. The service staff got a bit too casual with us for my liking, but they were very attentive, and helped us make some good choices. So if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion with friends or share a romantic evening this is a great place!

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Ceasars…good for a hangover or to keep the celebration going!

Rodney’s Oyster House
1228 Hamilton Street


If you’re missing the east and wanting a bite of the sea with a Cape Cod flare this is your joint. Introduced to me by one of Vancouver’s foodies Rodney’s is now one of my favourites. Most recently I visited after a morning brunch and an afternoon on the boat. Rodney’s bridged the gap between the mornings post run celebration and dinner. I’ve got a bit of mixed experience here…I’ve ventured into the sea world here, but not fully dedicated to it. I’ve had a Ceasar (which is unbelievable with fresh grated horseradish) but can’t bring myself to eat the prawn that hangs off the edge of the glass. I haven’t tried the house specialty oysters, but I did manage to try the crab cakes. Still not sure how I feel about those. I love the white washed furniture and the bartenders are fun and friendly. I did have to wait awhile once for service, but they made up for it by comp’ing us drinks. So make sure you stop by Rodney’s and if you’ve tried the oysters let me know all about it!


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