Pet Peeve – hard poached eggs…sophies not so cosmic cafe…hmmm…

Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe
2095 4th Avenue West, Vancouver    V6J 1N3  


Beautiful day in Vancouver s I hoped on my bicyclette and headed up to my favorite dive shop IDC (these guys rock) to check on my gear for tomorrow’s dive trip!  On the way back I stopped by Sophie’s Cosmic for a bite to eat.  I pondered for a while over the menu, wondering if I should test out my favorite eggs huevos rancheros, or try out the pancakes.  Since I am in pursuit of good Vancouver best pancakes I gave that a go and ordered the Kits breakfast, poached eggs (soft), no meat.  This breakfast was such a disappointment that I didn’t finish it…(I can’t even believe it cost 14$)   My eggs came hard…very hard, and hard poached eggs is a serious pet peeve of mine.  The pancakes were a great shape and color, but left a lot to be desired in the flavor department.  They also weren’t that hot when they arrived, and weren’t accompanied by any butter…how can you have pancakes without butter?  The rest of the food looks good, but I just don’t know if I’d come back to find out.  I’m giving Sophie’s my second Just Ok of the weekend…

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Just Ok BBQ in Yaletown

DIX Barbecue & Brewery
871 Beatty St, Vancouver, BC V6Z‎ – (604) 682-2739


In Yaletown this ‎Mircobrewery is a part of the Mark James Group of restaurants and you’ll realize it the moment you walk in the door.  The feeling there is very similar to the Yaletown Brewing Co.  Open space, big wooden tables, and rustic/casual décor.  When I went on a Friday afternoon for lunch the place was dead quiet.  But I was craving BBQ and figured if I could find good BBQ near me that’d be awesome.  However, I’m not giving it an awesome, instead I’ll give it a Just Ok (I think that is my first Just Ok in a long time).  I had the beef rib sandwich, which was good, but not great.  The meat was quite good, although a touch too much smokiness (it is a delicate balance perfected by few).  The mayo on the sandwich was the best part, and I don’t think the dill pickle was a good flavor match.  The soup with corn and chicken was only so-so, and the corn was definitely frozen, but I’m actually thinking maybe the soup had been frozen too.  The okra in the soup was flavorless and quite mushy…okra should not be mushy…or rather doesn’t taste good mushy.  I’ll keep looking for my BBQ joint in Vancouver, and I would maybe suggest going here if you have a really big rowdy crowd.

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Towa proves that bigger is not better

Towa Sushi
2116 – 4 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T2S 1W7
(403) 245-8585


This place was supposed to be my beacon of hope for Calgary sushi, after much online and word of mouth research I thought I had found a Montreal style sushi place in cow town. I have long given up on the hope of finding Vancouver quality sushi here. But Towa did not deliver, instead it was expensive, the service was slow, the pieces were way too big (pet peeve of mine), and flavour…not there either. The sushi does look pretty though, but beauty isn’t high on my sushi priority list. I understand this rating will not be popular in the Calgary crowd, because it does come highly recommended around the city, but Calgary is landlocked, and Towa gets a just ok borderline not ok from me.


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Great company, good times, so so food…

4148 Main Street


This past Friday evening I ventured out with a friend for my first Dine-out diner of 2009 to Nyala. While the experience was humorous, the food itself left a little to be desired. The small restaurant had decided that with the crowds from Dine-out that they couldn’t keep up with their al a carte menu, so unfortunately the selection was limited. They had seemingly misplaced our reservation, but managed to seat us anyway. To their credit, despite being so busy, we weren’t rushed at all, and were allowed to have a leisurely dinner while chatting away the week’s events, new books we’re reading, and the adventures of single life in the city. While the service staff was kind and helpful Nyala unfortunately does not stand out among other Ethiopian restaurants I have been too. If you decide to go, definitely wait until after Dine-out has finished and if you’ve been and had a better experience please share.


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Eating here is like bumping your funny bone…

The Elbow Room Café

560 Davie Street 


If you need breakfast, it is in your neighbourhood and your feeling like being harassed by the waiters this is your place.  The signs outside boast famous breakfast, and I will agree it is solid, but it only gets a just okay in my books.  The busy walls are adorned with newspaper stories about the restaurant that ‘serves up breakfast with abuse’ and signed photos of less than famous stars like Rana Davis and Aspen Reign.  There are rules for eating there, but the best one by far is that if you don’t finish your plate of food you have to give a donation to the charity “A loving spoonful” an organization that provides meals to people housebound with AIDS.  There is no maple syrup to be found here; instead the dense, almost undercooked pancakes are served with table syrup that smells like Aunt Jemima.  The spinach soup was rich and too salty, and on another day my grilled cheese with tomato was just okay… My breakfast guests have been equally unimpressed, but for the life of me can’t remember what they ate so I can’t warn you away from it.  But with all that there is something about this eclectic, homey joint that will have me going back at least once more and I will keep you posted if the rating changes.  And in the mean time I’m going to keep looking for the best pancakes in Vancouver, so let me know if you have any tips…

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