i’d hop provinces midweek again in a heartbeat to eat here!

The Cannery
2205 Commission Street, Vancouver

I’d heard things here and there about the Cannery, but I’m surprised no one had suggested this place to me before – because it is fabulous! The décor shouts ‘made in the 70’s1′, but is classic enough to stand the test of time. Located in an elite gated community, so to speak, in the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority(VFPA) district2. From the elevated dining room the view is spectacular. You can see my beloved Lions3, for which the Lions Gate Bridge is named, which you can also see. Views of the city scape, Stanley Park, North Vancouver…and the perfect view of the sunset complete the picture. Excellent impress your date venue, but also very good celebratory family atmosphere. The menu includes an extensive Fresh Sheet, and a good selection of regulars. It was here that I tried many foods for the first time…mussels, prawns, and scallops (in order of preference!). The mussels were amazing…rosemary, pine nuts, saltiness of the sea…mmmmmmm…and I’m told that even to a seafood experienced palate these are the best mussels around. They send a basket of bread to the table and fill a plate with Lobster oil and balsamic (yummy!) 4. My main was smoked bc black cod which melted in my mouth. I don’t really remember my sides, but who cares about sides when you’ve got mains like this. Skipped dessert, so I can’t report…if you know share a comment. Perhaps the most memorable part of our experience at The Cannery was our Rocky and Bullwinkle service duo (Server and Busboy). Our server was excellent, and made some very subtle and very funny jokes and our busboy defies explaination, but was really fun too.  If you want to try something special they also have a Fly and Dine program and do Sunday Brunches (including a special Father’s Day Brunch). Mmmm..yummy now I want to go have brunch there! So all in all, I’m giving The Cannery a Great! And for now (based on my limited experience), ranking it as my all-time favorite meal at a Vancouver restaurant – which is some feat!



1. The Cannery was established in 1971
2. The Cannery’s lease has not been renewed by the VFPA, and they will be moving to a new location in 2010 after the Olympics.
3. Frank Giustra, former investment banker and Vancouver resident, founded the Lions Gate Production company
4. The secret is out: The Cannery shares a selection of Lobster oil recipes here

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“A country that dares to dream. That dares to act”

Bluewater Café & Raw Bar
1095 Hamilton Street, Vancouver


To celebrate our wildly successful half marathon we had dinner at the Bluewater Café. But overall I’d say it was solid, but not Great.  I’ve been before and found my main fish to be amazing, this time was no exception. But that experience wasn’t shared for every course or around the table unanimously. The appetizer I had was sushi, and it was just so so, as was the Qualicom scallop foam appetizer, and the artic char that were ordered. The service was good, the carrot cake dessert was amazing, and the wine selection was excellent. We went with a delicious bottle of chardonnay from Grgich Hills. The big open restaurant is well lit and they have a beautiful collection of decanters decorating the restaurant. The tables are well spaced and organized so you feel as though you have enough privacy even when the restaurant is packed. But for the price point I’d rather choose Coast, West, or the aforementioned Cioppino’s. Bluewater is probably worth a Very Good but given the price point it is getting a Very Ok.

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Cheers to running on pier rails again…

Fish Café
2053 West 41st Ave, Vancouver (Kerrisdale)

This weekend included great wine, amazing food, a walk on the beach, an 11 mile run, and a motorcycle ride. It is certainly almost all blog worthy so we’ll walk our way through it starting at the beginning. I was meeting a friend in Kerrisdale Friday evening so before meeting them I decided to eat at one of my favourites that I haven’t been to in a while – Fish Café. The fish sandwiches here are excellent and I’ve convinced myself since they aren’t deep fried they might actually be good for me. Eating this sandwich made me dream of Big Daddy Fish Fry sandwiches from Tofino (not quite that good a sandwich…but can’t wait to eat one of those this summer!)  I had the blackened halibut sandwich on Friday…yum yum! The rice is only so so…I prefer the salad (which they don’t ask you if you want, but for a price they’ll add it for you). The short menu is displayed on a blackboard in the middle of the restaurant, but all the options are good and the fish is fresh. The food is served in baskets with waxed paper in them and the cutlery is rolled in a napkin on the table. The atmosphere is slightly nicer than a diner, but making reservations is a good idea, because although it isn’t five star dining there are a limited number of tables and because the food it good it is almost always packed. I’m so happy I reminded myself about this place and looking forward to returning again. I’ll give Fish Café a Very Good.

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