This is ‘granola’ as it gets at Gorilla Foods

Gorilla Foods
101 – 436 Richards Street, Vancouver

This little nook downstairs on Richards boasts “raw, organic, vegan, live foods”.  It has a cult following in the city and it was one of its apostles that suggested it to me.  Having just watched Avatar I’d say it reminds me of hanging out in Hometree.  Not a lot of space for sitting, but given the amount of space they have they’ve done well with it.  I had a slice of the “pizza”, and you’ve got to have an open mind about this interpretation. The version I had was an earthy mix of kale and greens with a sun-dried tomato herb sauce on a “sprouted sunflower and buckwheat, flax and carrot crust” and topped with walnut “cheez”.  I really liked it, but I imagine if you’re trying vegan food for the first time you’d probably want to start with something else…maybe the green taco or the veggie burger.  I grabbed a cookie to go…I think it was called the almond crunch. It was an explosion of flavors and textures.  The crunchy, nutty bottom contrasted with the bright fruity flavored soft top.  So yummy I’d go back just for the cookies.  I’m giving Gorilla a Very Good. Up side is that it is open every day…downside, only from 11am-5pm.

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A Wii snack, or even a full meal…

1206 Seymour Street, Vancouver


After several hours of playing Lego Starwars (this game rocks!) on my new Wii, with several more hours of play to go before a glorious dinner Nuba made the perfect afternoon snack. It is close to where I live, which is one of the many reasons I chose my neighbourhood, but even if it weren’t I would walk, jog, or drive to enjoy Lebanese food that is fresh, delicious, and tastes home made. Most often I take-out from here, they have biodegradable bamboo containers and the falafel is so portable I’ve even take it to a movie theatre with me (much better than munching down a big tub of popcorn). They have lots of options for dietary restrictions including vegan and vegetarian, but also have yummy meat dishes that include lamb for the carnivores in the crowd. Every dish comes in a variety of sizes, making it a great place to either fill up, or just grab a bite. Call ahead an order if you are in a hurry, sometimes it can take a while. But definitely stop by because for less than 10 bucks a person you can have a great meal or snack. There are two locations in Vancouver to serve you, but check out the hours online because they are different depending on location.


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