Bison-Turkey Meatballs in Roasted Tomato Soup … get the skinny on it

bison turkey meatballsCheers to a healthy and happy New Year.  I had a killer Power Yoga class tonight and walked home in the rain, so this made for great healthy comfort food.  It is easy to make, and delicious.  The use of spices and fresh herbs amps it up without having to pile on the calories. I’m taking a twist on a really good post from the beginning of 2009 with a Roasted Tomato Soup with Bison-Turkey Meatballs. The soup part of a bit of a lightened up twist on a recipe by David Hawksworth from Shape Magazine, and the meatballs are a Gayle original recipe.  For the soup all I did was remove the sugar, reduce the oil, increased the broth amount, and switched out vegetable broth for chicken (to see the original recipe click here Roasted-tomato-soup …check out the spicy tuna melts recipe while you’re there).  You can substitute extra lean ground beef in this recipe, but the mixture of the strong flavour of bison with the turkey makes a really great tasting meatball.  And the ground brown mushrooms also add to the meaty flavour while increasing the fibre and healthiness.  If you’re like me and easily bored by plain ground turkey this is a great trick!  If you’re using fresh thyme (please do if you can!)  don’t forget to take out the woody stems, I think I forgot to put that in the recipe…

Click here for the recipe for Roasted Tomato Soup with Bison-Turkey Meatballs.

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2 ways Rachel Ray is bakin’ her eggs

That Rachel Ray sure does like to nestle her eggs into cups of various kinds and here are two recipes to prove it. The first is a savory brunch or breakfast for dinner meal called “Nestled Eggs” and the second is a great breakfast, brunch item called “Croissants Egg Boats”.

Nestled Eggs are a pretty good treat with rice, eggs, and red peppers. Rachel Ray says it is a 10$ meal, I say no way in Canada, but it is reasonably price meal and it was baked up by my favorite Malaysian cook. Now as an Anthony Bourdain fan I think I’m supposed to hate Rachel Ray on principal. And while she does tend to drive me a little crazy sometimes, she cooks up some good recipes that work in the kitchen in a reasonable amount of time, and usually for a reasonable price. No real modifications here, but do make sure to buy the biggest roundest peppers you can. The red is great for color, but I’m sure orange and yellow would work well too. I’d like to try these eggs with a bit of a spicier rice mix. The rice isn’t in proportion to the eggs and peppers, but it both parts warmed up well as leftovers, some might say the flavours were even a bit better the second time around, but you lose the benefit of the runny yoke.

Croissant Egg Boats were also made for me. A real treat from my cousin Kristine (she is such a great cook!) on stampede weekend. I tried to track down the recipe, and I think I have, the only thing is that these instructions say to lay the croissants on a baking dish, and Kristine lined muffin tins with the croissants, which is the only way I can reasonably see them turning into ‘boats’. Kristine sprayed the muffin tins with PAM before lining with the croissants, and noted that if she had jumbo muffin tins she might have used those. I skipped the meat in mine, but I imagine there are countless things you could do to modify. Various types of meat, add fried onions, top with fresh made salsa or other toppings. Anyway these little egg boats are yummy, will make you look like a hosting rock star, and pretty easy to make, so dish ‘em up!


Click here for the Croissant Egg Boats recipe
Click here for the Nestled Egg recipe


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Should you make a burger from expensive high grade tuna?

It does seem counterintuitive to take the highest form of Tuna and turn it into a burger, but in this case the answer is yes because it is delicious, healthy, and quick to make! Thank you Tyler Florence and the Food Network magazine.  This was my pick for dinner night but it was a team effort in the making. Depending on the price of Ahi Tuna where you shop it can cost as much as 10$ per person for this meal. But it is worth every penny. I’m giving it a “Quick and Easy” and a “Dish it!”

Recipe: Tuna Burgers with Carrot Ginger Sauce (click link for recipe)


  • Freeze dried cilantro, because that was all we could find in cow town that day. Of course you should try and use fresh if you can!
  • Cut the recipe in half to make it for two.

Notes: Consider cutting out the water from the ginger carrot mixture, it just made it runny, it wasn’t necessary. To mix things up a bit you could probably replace the ginger carrot mixture with any type of salsa on top of the burgers (the one that comes to mind for me is mango salsa).