On the other side of da bridge

Cafe Crema
1495 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver


It has been a busy couple of weeks training for the half marathon, ramping up to start my new project, and man’ing up to send the divine Miss. Valerie back to Texas. But despite all that of course I’ve still been eating, I’ve just been neglecting the dishin on it part. As part of the half marathon training I was working on improving my Grouse Grind time, and got it down to a solid hour…stay tuned to see if I make future improvement. But after grinding it out a cup of java, and a treat are in order so I like to head over to Café Crema (West Vancouver). They have a solid selection of teas, they make delicious coffee, and have a good selection of Panini (not by any means my fav sandwich, the bar is high, but it is a good sandwich) and treats. The café is well lit, and especially bright when the sun shines in…but probably the best part is that the restaurant is just a quick walk from the beach and pier with a great view of the Vancouver. They have comfy chairs and big tables. So if you find yourself on the North side of the Lions Gate Bridge craving a coffee, or just finished the grind and want a reward, or wanna just contemplate life with a walk on the beach and a cup of yummy tea stop by Café Crema. If you’ve got any other suggestions for me post Grouse Grind let me know!

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It is race weekend…and I’ve got my shoes shined up!

Bean Around the World (Yaletown)
1002 Mainland Street, Vancouver


So it is a lazy beautiful Friday in Vancouver. I took the day off to do some half marathon preparations including getting our team shirts made (oo la la!), a beautiful hair cut (very aerodynamic), a massage…ah life if good. If you’re making posters to cheer me on that’s Gayle..with a Y After my massage a la mainland…I dropped into the Yaletown Bean Around the World. I love this coffee shop, although I’ve never had coffee here, the sandwiches are pretty good and today I ventured outside my coffee shop sandwich comfort zone and had the spinach roti which was delicious! Not nearly as good as my roti favorite – Gandhi – but much closer to me than Ghandi’s Toronto location J The Bean Around the World roti has the right flavors and texture I love…so I’m giving it a yum. I’m also giving it a ‘I can’t believe I’m eating roti at a coffee shop’! The tables are big and there is a lot of space to fold open your newspaper and indulge in a little reading while you soak in the afternoon…and take a break. I live to taper!

When Starbucks feels too much like Disney go for the comforts of Artigiano…

Caffè Artigiano
Locations in Vancouver, and 1 in Calgary


Grab a book and lounge around over a pot of tea or meet a friend and catch up at this Italian style coffee house open since 2002 in Vancouver. The premiere location is attached the Marriott Pinnacle (best hotel service I’ve ever experienced), where I used to “live” and is also how I was introduced to this coffee shop gem. But now that I actually live in Vancouver I’m fortunate to have one just down the street from me. I like the Artigiano vibe, and I also love the lemon ricotta muffins made with cornmeal. While I rarely drink coffee (only for reasons of caffeine induced insomnia) I must say the coffee here is yummy. They also have a great selection of tea, and I’m not sure if they do this in all their locations, but I know in some places they serve it up in a great little tea pot with all the fixings (although I take my tea straight up). The food in general is only so so, I’ve eaten it before when I’m hungry, but their Panini doesn’t meet my Montreal standards, which is why it only gets a “Very Good”, otherwise it would get a “Great”. Although they do have a few yummy items like the aforementioned ricotta lemon muffins!

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