About Gayle

So who is this Gayle that dishes anyway?


I have decided to write this food focused blog, but I’m not an expert in anything culinary, unless there is an expertise in eating. I do however hold three first place ribbons from the Norfolk County Fair for my apple pies and one for my sweet pickles (circa 1987). I have studied at the university of foodtv for countless hours and while I am grasping at straws think it is worth mentioning that I have read Anothony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential (a must read). Like any good Canadian I own the gear for the sport, including a Henkles knife collection, a mini blow torch, and a Peugeot pepper grinder.

I grew up in a small town in southern Ontario where ethnic food was the one Chinese food restaurant in town that boasted “Chinese and Canadian Food” on their menu. In our home we ate home made dinners like stew with biscuits, spaghetti and meatballs, and taco salad to be adventurous. I do once remember a veal scaloppini making it to the table, and a few mouthwatering steaks with corn on the cob cooked over an open fire, but basic meat and potatoes were king at our table. The first truly ethnic food I had was when I was 17 and flew to Boston. The first meal I had there was Indian food, and the second was traditional Chinese food. My culinary life was changed forever in that trip.

In my life now I am a management consultant and fly about 100,000 miles a year. While I love nothing more than a home cooked meal, I am embarrassed to say that I eat out about 15 meals a week, roughly 750 meals a year. Sometimes I go to the standards, but I do try to branch out and try new things. I don’t eat pork and try not to mix dairy and meat, but I have an appreciation for all food, even that which I do not eat.

So with no real foodie qualifications it would stand to reason that in having a blog perhaps I have some experience as an author, but I don’t. I have a degree in Business with concentrations in Life Sciences, two degrees guaranteed to degrade your writing skills. The only things I write at work are powperpoint decks outlining strategies on change management and the majority of the characters that I type in a day are within cells in excel spreadsheets or emails. I enjoy expressing myself through writing though, so I am looking forward to this new venue of expression about food. I have a passion for food, a particular palate, and I love to cook. So this is blog where Gayle dishes on other’s food, and may even share a few dishes of her own.
When I am dishing on other’s dishes let me provide my Malaysian inspired ranking system.

***** Great
**** Very Good
*** Very Okay
** Just Okay
* Not Okay

A few rankings out of 10 may also make it into the mix.

When I’m dishing on my own dishes or the recipes of others I’m using a Houston inspired ranking system.

*****Dish it! again, and again

****Dish it



*Diss it