baby steps…reposting again…let’s start with hot chocolate

Mink Chocolates Cafe
863 W Hastings St, Vancouver   V6C 3N9


My blog has been moved to the I.C.U, but I’m going to take baby steps to bring it back to life.  Last week Annie and I headed to The One of a Kind Show  at the Vancouver Convention Center and afterwards stopped for a hot beverage at the Mink Cafe, nearby.  Now anyone who knows me, knows I profess not to like chocolate (it is true I don’t like chocolate), but can in small doses enjoy the very occassional milk chocolate.  What is more I found when it is milk chocolate served hot and “spiked” with ancho peppers, chipotle peppers, and cinnamon, even better.  And at Mink’s you can get any beverage “spiked” with this “Cinnamink™” combo.  Yummy!  For those of you that love rich dark chocolate I’ve heard that is good too, but I can’t report.  So as the weather gets a bit more wintery I’d suggest you give Mink’s a try.  Stay in to warm up or grab and go for a walk along the sea wall. 

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