Do you have an Ace? Go Fish!

Go Fish

1505 West 1st Avenue



If you are craving fish n’ chips and you are willing to brave Vancouver’s weather to eat the west coast’s finest – Go Fish.  You will find the Go Fish shack a hop skip and a very educated jump from Granville Island on Fisherman’s Warf.  The average wait in line is long plus a bit longer, for example the last time I went it was about 40 minutes in line, and another 30 minutes to get our food.  But even in the damp cold October weather it is worth the wait.  For a small shanty they actually boast a fairly large menu, the difficulty I have is trying the other items because my comfort spot is the haddock and chips.  If you are looking for the freshest catch the menu includes seasonal fare from spot prawns or scallop burgers.  They have fish sandwiches, and fish tacos and battered salmon as well.  While the fish taco is very okay, save your fish tacos for a long trip to Sobo (Tofino), and stick to what Go Fish does best crispy, golden, beer battered fish fresh from the ocean. Usually I love slaw, but in this case I’d rather skip the sesame flavoured coleslaw and save the space for fish and fries.  If you are ‘eating in’ the bamboo steamers the food is served adds to the ambiance and beats the standard Styrofoam of waterside takeaway windows.  Go Fish is open year round, but they close early in the evenings, so don’t go late.  Lunch for two is about $30.00 and Ooi gives this a “Great” and I second that.

Special thanks to S.O.J.B.

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560 Tremont Street
Boston MA

If you’re looking for that, “I’m so much cooler than Eddie Bauer or L.L. Bean anything” then you’ll appreciate Pops’ self-involved shabby chic chandeliers, black and white décor, and tin ceiling panels. We were seated at a table overlooking the private garden in the back; the perfect oasis setting for a rainy morning brunch. My companion had the excellent eggs with chorizo and chilaquilles – which roughly translates to tortillas, eggs, and tomato sauce. It’s about as close to Taco Bell as the Beverly Hills Chihuahua is to an Oscar. I had the mushroom and truffle oil omelette, which is always a tricky choice given that the truffle oil can overpower. To my pleasant surprise, it was perfectly done, coupled with eggs of equally perfect consistency. Most surprising, though, was the South End’s best texas toast. This homemade slice of heaven could have been a meal to itself, served with nothing but West Texas “wide open space.” Its density was rich with with flavours of egg and yeast, –leading my companion astray from his gentlemanly duties of sharing. Hard to explain, but It is possible I’ll go back to Boston just for the toast. Our meal was reasonably priced with brunch mains around 10$, with sides in the 2-4$ range.
This place was a solid 8.5, or Very Good using the Malaysian inspired metric.

Special thanks to M.S.

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